"Don't let something you can't do interfere with everything you can do."
(John Wooden)

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According to etymology, the area of study dealing with the history and origin of words, a Pupil is an adopted child. The term Pupil, therefore, indicates an idea of someone who needs to be nurtured and requires care from someone to guide and/or teach them.

At Albergaria-A-Velha School Group we take this meaning very seriously, always trying to provide our students with all the means for their adjustment to society through knowledge and learning, as well as providing necessary guidance (vocational and otherwise), citizenship values, and personalised monitoring, among other aspects.

So much more than just classes

We are proud to have our projects and clubs recognised by the community. At the Albergaria-a-Velha School Group we want to do much more than just give classes.

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Patrícia Neves

TGPSI course student

When I was in the 9th grade I wasn’t sure what path to follow, then I decided to go for the Computer Science Course at AAV Secondary School. Making the decision to stay at school in Albergaria was the right choice, I learnt a lot throughout the course and I have been able to put it into practice in various internships
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Edgar Silva

TGPSI course student

At AAV Secondary School I completed the TGPSI (IT Management and Programming Technician) course, which gave me many professional opportunities, in an area I’m passionate about. The course opens a lot of doors in the job market, as well as for further studies. I carried out different projects in several companies and took part in several competitions. I’m grateful to the AAV School Group, and the teachers who guided me throughout the course