Education and Training Provision

The School Group offers a diverse range of training to meet the needs of students and the world of business.

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As usual, our Group has a programme that covers all levels of learning, as well as a diverse range of education and training paths. You can check here for everything we offer, and prepare yourself for enrolment and, in the case of secondary education, check the available options and fill out your PRE-REGISTRATION.




1st/2nd/3rd Cycle
Specialised Teaching in Music in an Articulated Regime
Specialised Teaching of Dance in an Articulated Regime




Scientific and Humanistic Courses

These courses are aimed at students who have concluded the 9th year of schooling or equivalent, and wish to obtain a secondary level education that will allow them to enter higher education. They award a diploma of Secondary Education (12th year), as well as the level 3 qualification of the National Qualifications Framework (QNQ).
Science and Technology
Socio-economic Sciences
Languages and Humanities
Visual Arts

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Vocational Courses

These courses are aimed at students who have concluded the 9th year of schooling and are looking for a more practical education, orientated towards the world of work.
Duration: 3 years
Academic Certification 12th year and Vocational Certification Level IV

Técnico de Multimédia
Técnico Comercial
Técnico de Manutenção Industrial
Técnico de Gestao e Programação Sistemas Informáticos 
Técnico Auxiliar de Saúde
Técnico de Recursos Florestais e Ambientais

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Adult Education

The Qualifica Programme is a qualification programme for adults (aged 18 or over) that aims to improve levels of education and training, contributing to an increase in qualification levels of the population and an improvement in employability.