Angeja School Centre

R. Agra nº4
3850-402 Angeja

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The Angeja School Centre is a public school of very recent construction, inaugurated on the twelfth of June 2013.

It is attended by more than one hundred students distributed across Pre-School and the 1st Cycle of Primary Education.

In this building you can find distinct architectural lines, ancient and modern. It was built by preserving the existing Centenary Plan building and adding a new structure.

The old and the modern blend harmoniously together, giving a pleasing view of the whole.

It is divided into three floors. On the ground floor, which can be accessed through the main entrance gate, there is a large atrium, also used as a multipurpose room; a reception area; three classrooms for the pre-school, namely two for teaching activities and one for family support activities; a meeting room; two workstations; five WCs adapted for children, adults and disabled people, independent from each other; two locker rooms; a storage room and a space reserved for an archive.

On the first floor, which can be accessed by stairs or lift, there are five classrooms, intended for students who attend the 1st cycle; a library room transformed into a TV and games room; a cafeteria that serves most of the school population, divided into four distinct areas: dining area, cooking area, dishwashing area and toilet area for the assistants. There are also, on this floor, two storage rooms and three more toilets for the students, one of which is adapted for the disabled.

On the second floor there are two large workrooms.

All rooms are equipped with modern furniture suitable for the students' age group, computers, printers and Internet access. The 1st cycle classrooms also have interactive whiteboards.

There are two areas for recreation. One, on the first floor, for the 1st cycle, and another one for the Pre-School which is located at the entrance of the building, adding to its charm. It is a large, grassy space, with a well-marked area equipped with objects for playing: slides, swings, seesaws, horses...

It is a building that does not go unnoticed, and that has enriched the local heritage.

centro escola Angeja