It is a point of pride for the School Group when the School Community recognises the merit and utility of our projects

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At the Albergaria-A-Velha School Group, Educational Development Projects occupy a place of prominence, attempting to contribute to the achievement of a variety of the goals set out in the Educational Project. The School Community has recognised the merit and usefulness of those projects that have been developed each school year, or over several years, as is the case with some projects.

The aim of these projects is to carry out activities that promote success at school, and interaction between the different members of the School Community. The acquisition of various skills, values and codes of conduct by the School Community, the promotion or reinforcement of connections with local and regional institutions and partners, the enhancement of natural, cultural and social heritage are some of the objectives of these projects.

In this page, we can get to know better all the projects underway throughout the School Group, as well as all information related to the activities they develop.

Schools from the group

The school group is composed by 6 kindergartens, 4 primary schools, 2nd cycle schools, 2 school centers and a 3rd cycle + secondary school.